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University Disappointment

After seeing numerous Facebook updates from university friends about their results and passing their degrees, I quickly accessed my homepage on my uni website and there sitting in my inbox were the words ‘End of Year Board 2010/11: Transcript’. I … Continue reading

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Waiting Game

There are many things that I would like to do in my lifetime. I want a career I love, the opportunity to travel the world, I want a big house in the country, I want to get married, along with … Continue reading

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Lost Puppy

Being out of work with no more uni commitments gives me a lot of time to contemplate things. And recently I have been contemplating feelings of being lost in this world. Throughout our lives we are given labels; infant, child, … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Rain is Falling

On a rainy Sunday in June, I have spent the day watching films, painting my nails, listening to music, and eating some good old comfort food (actually I consider all food a comfort). It is simply relaxed, and easy; I … Continue reading

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Part Time Poet, Full Time Loser

Yesterday I discovered that I got a less than desirable mark on my creative writing assignment I handed in in April; it was a collection of my own poetry, which I thought were really good. Obviously not. Over the 3 … Continue reading

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