Love to Write

I love to write.

There are many things out there that make me think and inspire me to write. I hope that anybody who will read my posts will also be interested and maybe see things in a new way. I just want to reach out to people.

Al Kennedy’s ‘Writing for Love’ blog post, on the guardian website, describes writing and words in general as a way of “exploring alternatives to what can often appear to be the standard issue way of thinking”, that is what I want my writing to be; writing for the love of words and to explore other options to the norm.

In my blog posts expect a mixture of thoughtful, inspiring, sarcastic, happy, sad, sometimes ranty, posts. I can be all of those things, sometimes all at once. I have been told that I think a lot and writing is a way to get all of these ideas, thoughts, emotions and opinions out of my head and into some kind of logic.

Writing is the medicine to life’s ills.

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