Sunday Morning Rain is Falling

On a rainy Sunday in June, I have spent the day watching films, painting my nails, listening to music, and eating some good old comfort food (actually I consider all food a comfort). It is simply relaxed, and easy; I can forget about the fact I am jobless, and my fears of failing uni. Thoughts of these are never too far away, but for one day I manage to push them aside and just enjoy my Sunday before a new week of job hunting begins; before I get back to overthinking things and worrying about everything and nothing.

I haven’t done anything spectacular with this day, just the average stuff that any other person may decide to do. I haven’t ended world hunger, I haven’t made any scientific discoveries, I haven’t even helped anybody else; frankly I have been quite selfish. And I’m ok with that. Like the general population of this earth, all I have done is simply live. The miracle of life isn’t always about achieving something spectacular, for me (and I assume many others) it’s achieving happiness. Just like the Doctor, of Doctor Who, who thinks that people are worth saving no matter how much of a ‘nobody’ they are; they are worth saving because he sees something special in everyone. In other words, my somewhat mundane day is not a waste of a day. My day of rest has recharged the batteries. I lived a life today.

And I hope everybody else had a nice restful Sunday to recharge. It is essential, or we’ll just frazzle our minds. I think my day of rest has definitely brought me down from the edge of crazy.

  • the first minute or so of this clip is what I had in mind when I mentioned Dr Who…. everybody who has life is important no matter how unspectacular their life may be
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