I recently watched Beyoncé: Year of 4, a documentary on her and her new album; and I couldn’t help but feel inspired. I feel the idea of looking up to a celebrity is a bit of a cliché. Celebrity culture, I find, is somewhat shallow, but I’ll save that for a different blog post. Beyoncé, however, is different from that celeb and fame hunter crowd; she works hard and comes across as really down to earth.

Knowing that she puts her all into her music or film roles encourages me and is something else that is inspiring me to put maximum effort into what I do. In my last post, University Disappointment, I talk about knowing that I need to work harder for what I want and for me Beyoncé serves as an example of what you can achieve when you work hard; she has this amazing life and career because she is so driven and put in the effort.  She’s not some reality TV ‘star’ looking for her 15 minutes, this chick has got longevity.

I’m making this conscious effort to not be lazy with my writing, to not think “that’ll do”, which I’m guilty of doing in the past. I need to go that extra mile if I want to be somebody and leave my mark on the world; something that Beyoncé sings about in ‘I was here’ from her new album, which she sings a part of in the documentary. She also talks about going without sleep sometimes, eager to get things done; if she’s not sleeping, then nobody is sleeping; and it makes me think about how much time I actually waste on things that aren’t fulfilling my dream to be a writer; definitely need to get my priorities in order.

I’ve always admired Beyoncé. She’s gorgeous and talented; what’s not to like? And watching this Year of 4 documentary makes me want to be a better person, she encourages me and many others to make something of themselves, which isn’t always possible, as I have said before, somebody has to do the menial jobs, not everyone can reach their stars, but I’m definitely gonna give it a shot, put my all into everything I do and hopefully I’ll leave my mark on the world; just maybe not as big a mark as Beyoncé’s.

I know what I’ve got to do. I’m going to pull a ‘Beyoncé’, get my ass into gear, put all of my effort and then some more into getting a job and becoming a writer, and then hopefully, I’ll get somewhere in this life of mine.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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One Response to Beyoncé

  1. Katy says:

    So very well put. She’s pretty amazing, Beyoncé.

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