If I Were a Cartoon Character

If I were to describe myself as a cartoon character, it would be Cinderella.

I have got myself a job as a cleaner. It’s not quite as hard going as Cinderella had it; it’s only for a couple of hours in the evening at a children’s nursery, but it’s something. I have a job.

There are some subtle differences between me and Cinderella, who was put to work by her step-mother and step-sisters, whereas I was put to work by my sister who is manager at this nursery. But the main similarity between us is the hopefulness. I imagine many people would cringe at the idea of being a cleaner, especially at a nursery where you’re cleaning up after young children and babies; it’s not glamorous, not glamorous at all, but like Cinderella I’m dreaming and wishing of a better future, a handsome prince wouldn’t go a miss either.

I want a house, a car, a life with the guy I love, and I think this job is a good place to start on my road to achieving this. It’s a long road but I’m in it for the long-haul.

For me this job is a stepping stone, it’s giving me work experience, a little bit of money, and because it is only in the evenings, I have the daytime to work on my writing, to build up a collection of pieces to send off to magazines or publishers. The actual job isn’t that bad either, it’s pretty physical, which I like because it’s so different from sitting in front of the computer, and it is rather meditative and stress-busting, especially when I have my iPod on and do my Mrs Doubtfire impression (see video at bottom of page). When I leave there and start my walk home, I feel a sense of accomplishment; I love that feeling of having done a good job. Must be the serotonin from all that vacuuming. The walk home is so relaxing too; I walk along this very pretty street with these trees that mostly alternate between green and red leaves;  the sun is setting behind the houses which gives the cloud a beautiful glow; and there’s hardly any cars driving past; it’s just so peaceful. It will be very different in the winter months when I’ll be walking to and from work in the dark though.

Because the job and its walk home are so relaxing, I feel content in life, which in turn inspires me. I feel inspired to write something, and even inspired to look after myself better and to look after those and the places around me better. All anything or anyone needs is a bit of TLC.

Isn’t it amazing how cleaning, followed by a walk home can inspire me to do all that?

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