I Love My Body!

Whenever I get out of the shower, it is my ritual to moisturise my entire body. I recently purchased this indulgent nourishment moisturiser from Dove, which smells absolutely divine; I can’t help but sniff myself throughout the day.

As I went about my routine this morning, the words ‘indulgent nourishment’ echoed around my head and I thought to myself, my body is definitely in need of all the nourishment it can get. Life has expectedly taken its toll on my frame and it needs some TLC.

My shell of a body has been on many ups and downs with me over the years. With everything that has occurred, affecting my mind or soul, my body has manifested it physically. Appetites have been lost and ravenous; and pimples have reared their heads at the first sign of stress, along with many other things.

My body is a little out of shape, and seems to be gaining new stretch marks every other day; it has had its fair share of bruises and scars, and the occasional love bite from the boyfriend. I’m not always happy with this body, but it is the only one I’ve got, and it’s led a fairly happy life. It’s only out of shape because I feed it the food it loves; the stretch marks are just signs of growth, physically and mentally; and the bruises and scars that have been and gone, are signs that my body (and mind) has been hurt, but that pain has faded now; and of course the love bites are signs that my body is passionate and sexy.

My body has seen many things occur over my short life, and there is plenty more still to come. Wrinkles will be gained, more stretch marks too, and gravity will eventually take its toll, and best of all I know my body can handle it. It’s just rolling with the punches, evolving with the mind it is so adamantly in tune with.

It is by no means a perfect body, and I am by no means a perfect person. And I am ok with that. I predict there will be times in my future where my body won’t please me; we’ll hate each other for a little while but it’ll be ok in the end; I’ll accept and love my body unconditionally.

Love is just a part of the nourishment that it needs.

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