From Leggings to Armwarmers

Turning a pair of leggings into cycling shorts (not that I’ll use them for cycling) was quick and easy to do. The issue was what to do with the remaining legs I had cut off.

legwarmers crossed my mind, but that seemed to simple.

How about a belt? Not that great with scissors and a needle and thread, it’ll be at risk of looking a little shoddy.

Armwarmers then.

Simple and easy to do, and I can customise them, make them individual.

I just cut the remainder of the leggings to a decent arm length; hemmed the cut edges, so they don’t fray or anything; cut a slit for my thumb about an inch and a half from the top of the sleeve; hemmed that too; stitched some buttons onto the side opposite the thumb hole; and finally did a loose stitch up either side, and pulled on it a little bit to get that ruched effect.

simple but effective, I think. And will look good in the winter, layered up with a jumper and coat.

So the top part of leggings are now shorts; the bottom, armwarmers; all that remains is to do something with the middle part.


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