Anarchy in the UK


With the violence happening in London, and now reaching other parts of the country in Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol, you can’t help but wonder what is going through the minds of these hooded hooligans.

In this day and age, this kind of anti-social behaviour is all too common. Times have changed so much. In the 19th century, the children of the industrial revolution were put to work in the bad conditions of factories and coalmines; they worked in the 18th century too; they had good ethics and respect with strict discipline and corporal punishment in place. Fast forward to here and now in the 21st century. Discipline and punishment are dead; things of the past (no one wants to be accused of child abuse). This generation’s youth have no ingrained sense of respect or work ethics, and of course, these jobless, often under-educated people with nothing to do are bound to get restless and find something, whether it be drugs, petty crime or full-blown rioting.

How these people do not have even one iota of remorse for the damage they have done physically and emotionally is beyond words. Who, in their right mind, would think that setting fire to buildings and stealing from them is a good idea? Why don’t they break the stereotype, break free from their often under-privileged backgrounds and prove everybody that they can make something of themselves and not just be a nuisance, an anti-social thug.

One particular story in all this violence is that of the Reeves family of Croydon. Reports say their furniture store began in 1867; 144 years of business and it all came crumbling down in one disgusting night. A building that survived both world wars finally succumbs to the ravages of violence.

This small minority causing so much damage is beyond disappointing. It is making many others feel unsafe, like it is only a matter of time before the violence turns up on their own doorstep. These mindless yobs have no respect at all for anyone or anything; they don’t understand the consequences of their actions; and do not seem to have the intelligence or courage to do different from their friends.

There are many solutions to this kind of behaviour, some with numerous pros and cons, but will any of them actually make a difference? This is after all a free country. If someone has programmed their mind to enjoy such acts of violence, will prison truly change them for the better?

These violent youths will most likely always be angry thugs. They’ll gain no respect for authority or for other members of society, and they probably will not expand their minds and think differently from their equally mindless chums.

Rest in peace intelligence, respect, and civility; they hardly knew ye.

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