Something Unexpected

This is just a quick post to share with everybody a tiny bit of sparkle.

Last night as I made my way home from work in the dark, the Chili Peppers blasting away on my ipod, I did something that I wouldn’t usually do, and with a burst of energy taking control of me, I ran down the middle of the road.

There were no cars around, and no people (well I couldn’t see anybody, maybe there was someone lurking in the shadows) so I just went for it. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but this random act, with a tiny hint of danger, should a car have been speeding along, it made me feel very alive.

When I finished this act of spontaneity, I resumed walking down the street like a normal person and thought about how running down the middle of the road like that kind of broke up the routine that I find myself in nowadays.

My time is spent, jobhunting, writing and working at my evening job. It’s amazing how much they take up my day and it feels like I have forgotten how to do anything else; I have forgotten to have fun, to even be fun.

By commiting that simple act, I felt like I sparkled a little bit; a fragment of light to hide the dull grey that I was becoming.

Life can get monotonous sometimes. Fact. Just need to remember to let my light shine every now and again, do something fun and just for the hell of it; whats the point of life if we can’t do that. It doesn’t take a lot. For me it was running down the middle of a road, for somebody else it might be deciding to do nothing and read a good book all day, or maybe even playing games with friends.

Whatever it is, we need to find that little bit of sparkle that makes everything worthwhile. Life is hard, we shouldn’t make it more difficult for ourselves.

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One Response to Something Unexpected

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    I can imagine you running down the road. It was a great spontaneous act – I can fully understand why you did it. Nice blog. And good luck job hunting!

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