Na No Wri Mo

Not only does it sound good but I am taking part in Na No Wri Mo; otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month.

I signed up a little while ago and have started to begin thinking about what I will write throughout november.

the target is 50,000 words (approx 1,700 a day) and the piece does not have to be perfect, the point is to just get to the word count and finish a complete first draft of a manuscript.

I’m excited about the prospect but I know nearer the time, I will heap plenty of pressure on myself; so I am asking in advance for people to keep encouraging me to write throughout the thirty days of november. I’ll keep you updated on progress, so expect plenty of posts next month.

Anyway… I’m off to update my facebook status about it. I figure the more people I tell about doing Na No Wri Mo, the less likely I will quit in the first week through fear of losing face.

SK x

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2 Responses to Na No Wri Mo

  1. Ermilia says:

    Good luck! NaNoWriMo is terrifying. I do not work well when I do not have a chance to revise my work. You should put up an avatar that says “if you see this, I’ve been distracted from NaNoWriMo.” People will get on your case and guilt you back into writing.

    • sophie king says:

      That is a brilliant idea. I’ll have a mooch around for an image that I can use; something funny and quirky of course.

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