Walking in High Heels

I have always been a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl. With this combo I wear converse or plimsolls, sometimes ugg boots; but never high heels.

I do own dresses for when I go out and want to be a bit dressier, but they’re always worn with sandals, or my plimsolls if the dress isn’t too girly; but never high heels.

I do own heels, 3 pairs to be exact; strappy sparkly ones that I wore to my prom 6 years ago, red satin ones to match the red dress I wore as bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding 2 years ago, and black peep toe heels that I bought cheaply to practice the art of walking in high heels in preparation for following my sister down the aisle; yes I am very Bambi-like when wearing them.

And not only am I Bambi-like when walking in high heels, the heels I own just don’t seem to go with any of my clothes. So I stick to flats.

Only… when I am out with others who are wearing high heels, I tend to feel small, literally and metaphorically. I feel like a child and very un-feminine when these girls teeter over me in their glamorous footwear.

At my cousin’s wedding a few weeks ago, I wore a gorgeous maxi dress, with simple accessories, and felt pretty damn hot; however, when I see my cousin’s daughter, looking very fashionable in a short dress with high heels at the end of her long stocking covered legs, I felt like a child again.

Do heels really represent all that is feminine and mature?

I’m going to have to say yes. Yes they do.

Shopping with a friend a few days ago, I spotted a pair of gorgeous black ankle boots heels. I tried them on and instantly fell in love, falling a little more in love when I get to the checkout and find that they have been discounted. As soon as I got home, I styled an outfit to go with them, and wore them that night.

I was still Bambi-like when trying to navigate the uneven path from the boyfriend’s 4×4 to a restaurant and out to a pub but I didn’t fall over or even lose my balance. Chuffed.

I felt tall, feminine, sexy and very womanly. And all due to pair of high heels. Who would’ve thought a pair of shoes could make someone feel all that.

I’m already thinking of buying a second pair in a different colour.

I know this is rather frivolous but it is amazing how clothes can make you feel and how changing one thing can make all the difference; an outfit I would usually wear with flats felt more visually appealing with a pair of heels, so making me feel more visually appealing.

I do still need to practice walking in heels, get rid of that awkward step I seem to acquire in them and get a natural rhythm, but other than that I’m so glad I purchased these heels. Only £22.99 for instant glam and femininity. Not a shabby deal really.

similiar to but not the heels I bought


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2 Responses to Walking in High Heels

  1. spamfred says:

    Good for you! I love my Uggs and pumps, etc. but there is definitely a place for some heels! I work in an office and wear high heels / new heels to work as there’s minimal walking involved so I get to break them in that way. You should try wandering round the house in them 🙂

  2. Jennifer R. says:

    I own one pair of heels and I have worn them once. I don’t understand how the (much) younger teachers at my school stand in heels all day. I wear sandals or flats. In winter I have some pretty stylish boots but they don’t really have much of a heel either.

    I’ve sprained my ankle so many times that the thought of wearing heels gives me pain.

    Kudos to you for giving them a try!!

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