Baby I’m a Firework!

Remember remember the 5th of November…

The night to celebrate the failings of a guy named Guy, who tried to blow-up the Houses of Parliament in 1605, hasn’t always been my favourite night.

When I was very young I spent fireworks night huddled in my Dad’s arms, hiding my face, scared of the loud bangs, exploding too near to us for my liking. But as I got older, I got used to the noises and showed my face long enough to see the pretty colours and effects. Fireworks quickly became one of my favourite things. Something as simple as gunpowder and metallic elements that have been set on fire can be pretty damn hypnotising.

At a fireworks display I attended last night, the magic was somewhat lost on me. The event that I have been attending almost every year since I was little has turned into a garish chav fest.

The music and fun fair sounds could be heard before we even got to the grounds, and the mixed smell of candyfloss and fried onions made my already queasy stomach feel worse (think I’ve come down with a stomach bug or something). The crowd of people put me off too. I hate crowds of people! Everyone becomes rude and obnoxious; and I hate that I’m doing something everyone else is doing. It doesn’t make me feel very original doing something that chavvy scum are doing too.

But once the fireworks started I felt better, sort of. The accompanying music was so loud you couldn’t hear the whistle of the fireworks zooming up into the skies, and instead of powerful classical music (like you’d get at the proms) or Bond soundtracks like the organisers have done before, they played recent chart-toppers which for me weren’t as firework worthy as some other better songs.

The best accompanying music was Adele, fire to the rain and Katy Perry’s Firework, of course, very suitable. When Katy Perry started to play over the sound system, I felt very inspired;

“baby you’re a firework, c’mon let your colours burst, …”

I was singing it to myself, giving me a pep talk for the phase of life I am in right now. As I am currently a NaNoWriMo participant it seems appropriate to inspire me to keep writing, let my colours burst, make people go ‘ahh’; and also, to show people what I’m worth. Because last night, it just so happened that the family and I stood near a table that was promoting tuition for 5-14 year olds in maths and English. I wondered over to the girl running it and asked if they were looking to take on any tutors as I have just finished studying English at university. And they were!

Just got to email them my CV and then they’ll call me for an interview, where I can show them the firework that I am.

So overall, hated the garish lights and loud music and the people with attitude problems, but loved watching the fireworks, all wrapped up in winter warmers and with a potential job in my sights, so a pretty good night after all.

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