NaNoWriMow – Day 7

A week has past since starting National Novel Writing Month, and my word count at the end of the day is 11,013.

To be on target I should have another 600 words, but I’m tired and want to sleep, so I’m calling it a day. Think I’m doing pretty well, considering I didn’t write at all over the weekend (little victories)

sometimes finding it difficult to stay focussed, damn my magpie mind, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely making the word count creep up. I have been writing for the best part of 8 hours today; 8 hours to write over 4,100 words. so slow! had the time today though as I didnt go to work because of this stomach bug thing I am currently harbouring in my bodily system.

Will write a more detailed account of my NaNoWriMo progress at a later date, right now, my bed is calling, it gets so lonely without me.

g’night UK/good afternoon america/good morning australia

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