Almost There!

5,000 words to go people!

I have finally caught up with the target word count that the NaNoWriMo organisers set for each day so over the last three days of November I should easily be able to complete the challenge of 50,000 words in 30 days.

Many other NaNoWriMo writers have already reached the grand total of 50,000 with numerous days to spare; something which makes me feel a tad jealous but there’s no point being jealous, I just need to crack on with my own thing. I’ve put in too much time and effort to fall at the last hurdle; to not get that winner’s certificate.

In metaphorical terms, I’m nearing the top of the mountain; I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m not there just yet but right now I’m relieved just to be on target.

And very soon I will resume normal service. I have so much that I want to do when the 1st of December rolls around, and I’m getting excited in anticipation of doing something other  than spending my days writing this novel.

But for now, I will love and leave you,

SK x

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3 Responses to Almost There!

  1. springfieldfem says:

    This is my first year of NaNo and I regret to say that I am only at 16k. This is my first attempt, but I feel really frustrated because I keep getting stuck. But it’s awesome that you’re so far along! Best of luck,

    • sophie king says:

      Thanks Jen,
      This is my first year too. I know what you mean about getting stuck; for me I know where I want the story to go but I struggle on getting it there. don’t get to frustrated by it though, one day when you’re not thinking about writing a novel, an idea will just come to you. Don’t compare yourself to others either… I admit that I’ve done that a little throughout the NaNo process, especially when a friend of mine was finished with a week to spare, which was really frustrating when I was still behind, but you just gotta carry on with it, do your own thing.
      Are you going to continue to write your novel and finish it in your own time, or are you going to try something else?

      • springfieldfem says:

        I think after I go through it, I will more than likely try to finish it in my own time. We shall see! Or (knowing me) I might rewrite it. ‘Tis the season, right? 🙂

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