NaNoWriMo is Complete

50,396 words!!

I reached and went beyond the target of the 50,000 word novel writing challenge on the 29th November, a day before the time limit ended; and I have yet to finish the novel.

I feel such a sense of achievement. I ploughed through, watching the word count slowly creep up, and the number of words remaining slowly going down. The past month has gone by so quickly and I feared that I wasn’t doing enough to be able to reach that goal but I pushed through on the last weekend writing 5,000 words in one day, which is amazing for me as I write so slowly, and I managed to do it!

It also feels like such a long time since I wrote down that very first word.

Updating my word count for the final time, relief washed over me; I felt very positive about a writing career and what I can do if I just maintain some motivation; which for me often ebbs and flows, giving me the energy to start a project but not to see it through until the end. Maybe seeing National Novel Writing Month through to the end marks a new phase for me where I can now finish every other project that I start.

Well I’m not quite at the end yet. Just need to finish of the final chapter of my novel, and then I will have a complete first manuscript. I’m kinda leaning towards aiming to get it published but I’m not sure yet. Once the manuscript is complete, I’ll leave it alone for a month or two, then come back to it with fresh eyes and then it might just be obvious if it might make a good book or not.

Entering back into the real world now that the challenge is over, I am faced with the challenge of job hunting, finding suitable work to complement my English degree, and the sooner the better; my evening job cleaning at a children’s nursery is wearing a bit thin; my body permanently aches because of it and it gets kinda lonely; it’s just me and the ghost that one of the girls believes is there. It’s slim pickings out there but I need to find something.

I’ve got plenty of writing ideas as well so I’m gonna start on those, build up a decent collection of pieces that could be published somewhere.

Life kinda feels like I have reached the top of one mountain to realise that I’ve got to climb the much bigger mountain next to it. I’ve completed one challenge but another lies ahead. I am feeling very productive though, so one day, hopefully not too far away, I’ll get to top of the next mountain, and I’ll have a job and published writing. Then maybe the next phase of my life can begin.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

SK x


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