Red Hot Chili Peppers!!

Ok, so this post is long overdue, as I saw the Chili Peppers on the 20th November and it is now the 8th December, but I let novel writing get in the way of doing other things.

I did have ideas about what to write about the gig, but I didn’t make a note of them and are now forgotten. So instead, I’ve decided to post photos and let the gig speak for itself. Suffice to say, they were completely amazing!!!

I love going to gigs because I always feel like I really connect with the music… I felt the beat going through my body and everybody singing along to ‘Under the Bridge’ gave me shivers; it’s like your being a part of something really special. And a photo of me came up on the big screen with many other photos of audience members during ‘Give it Away’; I got so excited!

It was a truly exciting, amazing experience. Love the Chilis!!

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One Response to Red Hot Chili Peppers!!

  1. lemonissimo says:

    This guys are fantastic and they are in a very good shape, saw them in Vienna on 7th Dec.!

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