Feed the World!!

*sings* It’s Christmas time…

and the yearly barrage of Christmas songs and messages of giving are everywhere. The one thing that embodies both Christmas and giving is Bob Geldof’s Feed the World charity song and every year, for two main reasons, it bothers the hell out of me. Let me tell you why dear readers:

First of all, the song and consequent music videos showcase a bunch of “celebrities” doing their bit to make the world a better place. Whilst trying to make a difference to somebody’s life is a brilliant thing to do, I hate that these singers are publicizing themselves through doing such things. They may be singing about feeding the world but all I here is “look at me! I’m helping others! I really am a good person”, desperate to create a good image that their publicist can work with. And it’s not just Band Aid, it’s all these other charity singles and telethons that celebrities jump on board for. In my opinion, charity work should be done in private; it shouldn’t be about proving to others that you are a good person, it should be about doing your best to help other less fortunate. Someone who discloses how much they donate to charities just appears to me as a selfish fool; it’s not about how much money you throw at a problem, or that it makes you look like the decent person you are obviously not; it’s about how it helps those in need.

Yes, I’m definitely a firm believer that charity should be done without drawing attention to yourself whilst you’re doing it. It seems more noble and moral that way.

Some of the lines from the song are another reason why Feed the World bothers me.

“There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time”

Well… it does snow in Africa. There are snow-capped mountains, and in South Africa they can experience harsh winters, but in their winter months of June – August. So it won’t bloody well snow in their summer months, when it is Christmas. Africa is such an expanse of country, that Geldof shouldn’t really place it all under one umbrella of a no snow country.

“Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?”

Yes. Yes they do. There are Christians in Africa so I have a sneaking suspicion that they’ll know about Christmas and would have passed on traditions to non-Christian folk, just like here in Britain where many non-religious people celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts with each other.


Feed the world is definitely annoying to me, but when I’ve heard it once, it gets stuck on repeat in my mind. I’ll be walking to work and suddenly realise that I’ve been singing parts of it to myself and then I’ll get annoyed with myself as well as the song; with its poorly written lines and celebrities trying to look like they care. Damn you Geldof!

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