In Need of Adventure

View from half way up Scafell Pike (highest peak in England)

I have a need for adventure. I want an adventure. I crave an adventure.

I long to be anywhere away from my house, for a few days, maybe a few weeks; I want a holiday. I want to travel.

The boyfriend and I are in talks to go somewhere within the Artic Circle, so we can get a glimpse of the northern lights, but that will be November time, and that’s too far away. I’ve already thought about buying a proper snow jacket and other things, as well as hopefully getting my first stamp in my passport (damn european countries not stamping my British citizen passport) and all we’ve done is talk about it. Nothing is set in stone and I’m already getting ahead of myself. I can’t contain my excitement for another 11 months; I’ll explode.

So what do I do, to prevent premature excitement?

The answer… to travel before then. To give myself something to look forward to that isn’t such a long way away.

and without even discussing it with the boyfriend I have decided that we are going to the Lake District, well, I have just text him about it, but I’ve already found a place for us to stay and have a rough idea of when we can go, and what places we can visit. (I’m very aware that I’m sounding like a bit of a control freak here, hehe).

We both love the Lakes, and although it’s the same country as where we live, it is totally, 100%, completely different to our city of Birmingham. Birmingham is grey and dingy, with towers of flats breaking up the horizon. The Lakes are a plush green, with pretty cottages and mountains as far as the eye can see. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.

Really want to go now! Feel the need to do something different from the norm. Life can be so repetitive… wake up, do this, do that, go to work, etc; shaking things up a bit will make everything seem refreshed and new. Everybody needs an adventure every now and again, and it doesn’t necessarily have to include travelling, but right now, I would like an adventure that does include travelling; I’m getting itchy feet and feel the need for a holiday.

Have you guys got any holidays and adventures planned for 2012??

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