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My Walk Home

A descriptive piece about my walk home from work… As I turn and leave, I pull up the collar of my mac, closing the gap between coat and scarf, and I begin my walk home from work. I may find … Continue reading

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365 No More

365 No More. This link ^^^ is my latest post over on my flash fiction blog. It is my reasoning for putting a stop to my 365 project.

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Chav Lullaby

For those who aren’t inhabiting the land of the English, “a chav” is the term used to denote somebody who has no work ethic, sponging money off the government, and who has no prospects in life. Their attitude is poor … Continue reading

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Keep Calm and Carry On

Lately I’ve been feeling all sorts of things… stressed out about not having a career plan, my lack of direction; depressed for personal reasons I’m not going to share with the blogosphere; angry at myself for poor time management; and … Continue reading

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A New Job Option?

This week I’ve been covering staff shortages again at the nursery where I clean. I’ve been grabbed at, pulled at, laugh at, sneezed on and blatantly ignored. It’s definitely been fun, but tiring. However, one of the days I was … Continue reading

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