High Speed Rail

As I access the internet, my BBC news homepage reads “Fast rail link ‘to be approved’”

For those not living in England, this means that a high speed railway between London and Birmingham is moments away from being approved for construction.

This high speed rail link, or the HS2, as its being referred to, is being designed to improve capacity on trains; to reduce overcrowding; to shorten commutes for people who don’t work near to where they live.

Personally, I am against it.

First of all, the railway will be bisecting the countryside. I know England might be known in other countries as lush and green, but it’s turning more grey and dingy. Where I am in Birmingham, there are always constructions sites around; hotels and office spaces in the city centre; flats and housing estates the further from the city you go. The lush green parts are slowly disappearing and if the government and city councils continue to approve more construction, we’re not going to be a country… we’ll be one massive supersized city; grey, dingy, and smoggy.

We should be trying to preserve the natural beauty of this earth, not digging it up to make way for a train. Grey and dingy does not reduce the carbon footprint that every 1st world country is aiming to do.  

Secondly, I am against the HS2 because I feel it is appealing to the impatience of many people. There is already a train from Birmingham to London in place. This high speed one is just to get there quicker. Which is fair enough; I don’t travel to London to work but I’ve heard it can be bitch; lots of delays etc, but I feel that everybody nowadays is in a rush to do something. Nobody takes their time to do anything; it’s all go go go. I do not understand what the big rush is. Everywhere I go, there is always some kind of rush. When I go to work, cleaning at a nursery, there are always parents in a rush to leave, not taking the time to speak properly with the people who are looking after their offspring; when I go to the shops, either to the supermarket or to shopping centres, people are always in a rush, tutting at the slow moving queue, barging past people to grab something they want, getting agitated over the smallest of things; there is no need for it, and it agitates me as I try to navigate my way round these people who are just so busy. I reckon if you just slow down, everything wouldn’t seem so hectic and rushed. Just slow down, take time to appreciate yourselves, your family and friends; appreciate the reasons why you’re in the job you’re in.

Appreciate life; don’t rush past it.

Other opponents to the HS2 argue that the £32 billion that it would cost to build the high speed rail link, could be used to improve the existing line, and overcrowding can be reduced by running longer trains and having fewer first class carriages. If you have a problem with a household appliance, if you can help it you don’t buy another one, you try and get it fixed. Buying a new appliance, or constructing a new rail link, should be the ultimate last resort.

I don’t know how useful it’s going to be, but I have just signed a petition online for the high speed rail link between London and Birmingham to be scrapped. I’m not sure if there will be enough signatures by next week, when it is expected that the construction of the HS2 will be officially confirmed, but it’s worth a shot. If you are a British Citizen, you should sign it to. Don’t let a high speed rail link be constructed, spoiling the great British countryside.


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