Jobs, Kids, and Billy Connolly

I’ve had a busy few days this week. I planned to do the little chores I have this week which have amassed in the past month or so, but as I made my breakfast on Tuesday morning, mentally mapping out my day, I got a call from my sister. She was short staffed at the nursery and there was a lack of agency staff she could use, so she figured, seeing as I do not have a day job and already have a CRB check for working there, I could help out. So off I went, spending a day entertaining 2 year olds, followed by my usual evening clean-up of the place. And I repeated this on Wednesday as well.

They weren’t extremely difficult days, more repetitive than anything else. I must’ve read the same book a thousand times. And there was a child who instantly took a liking to me and from then on clung to my leg; as soon as I sat on the floor, he would be in my lap. He was a cute little monkey though.

Helping out my sister and getting some overtime pay has pushed back my chores, and has seriously cut into my writing time, as well as my job hunting time. I’m glad I’m not there all the time or I will get nothing else done at all. These people who can work, do chores, look after their children etc, all in one day are amazing! When I got home from work on Tuesday, I couldn’t find the energy to do anything else but lie in bed, eat chocolate and watch a Billy Connolly travel show (I could listen to his Scottish accent forever).

All hail the people who can do so much with their day.

Away from chores and helping to look after children, the hunt for a proper day job continues with very little, in fact, no success. Oh, and by the way, I’m the only person allowed to say that I am looking for a “proper” job. Whenever anybody asks if I’m looking for a proper job, I get majorly peeved that they think I am not working at all; that spending 2-3 hours a night participating in manual hard work, cleaning a children’s nursery, a house, from top to bottom, and getting paid for it, is not a proper job. Do I have to work in the daylight, doing the routine 9-5, stuck behind a desk to constitute me being in a “proper” job? No, I don’t. So there. When I say that I am looking for a proper job, I mean that I am looking for a job that is suitable for my degree, not any old, dead end job that I could’ve done before leaving school.

And looking for a proper job, by my definition of proper is very very difficult indeed. As my degree is in English, there is no specific job that I can enter into. It’s alright if you did a photography degree because now you can go get a photography job; but English is so general, I could do many things with it, in an office based environment according to Apart from writing, there is no vocation you can enter into with an English degree; and you don’t actually need a degree to become a writer. In a perfect world I would be a full time writer, getting paid to write out the ideas overfilling my brain, but in reality, I know the odds of actually writing something worth publishing are very slim, so a job to earn the money with spare time to do my writing in will be perfect for me, but the thing is, I don’t know what job I want. A job which I’ll actually enjoy for the first six months before it gets repetitive and boring will do, but there is nothing out there suitable for me; zero, zilch, diddily squat.

I’m gonna stop complaining about jobs now and leave you with a taster of Billy Connolly’s show that I have been watching.


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