Writing and Reading

Only 50 weeks left to go on my 365 project; 350 days until it is complete.

I’m enjoying the flash fiction, and flexing my writing muscles. The only issue I am having is with my language. I sometimes struggle not to over describe everything and to counteract it, I often don’t describe or explain things enough, leaving the story rather bland and nothing of literary greatness.

I didn’t promise literary greatness with this project in the first place but the pieces that stand out for me, that are my favourite, are the ones which are almost poetic with their imagery; the ones which really capture the atmosphere of the story. My least favourite ones seem too full of modern language which for me is not good because they seem bland, commonplace, unemotional, easily forgotten. But they are easy to write when I am in a hurry and have other things to do.

I guess, the more I write, the more quickly and easily I’ll be able to write the more poetic like pieces of flash fiction.

I haven’t really struggled for ideas yet with this project, which is really good. I hope I haven’t just jinxed myself by writing that, but the ideas factory is producing some good stuff. I am actually trying to think of several ideas each day, so, in case one day the ideas do dry up, I’ll have a collection of them noted down to choose and expand on.

My reading of other blogs and of the many books that line my shelves untouched has kind of taken a back sit due to writing and jobhunting, and living life but my plan today is, as soon as this is published, I’m going to spend the rest of the day reading.

I have Zero Day by David Baldacci to finish which I am reviewing for a local magazine, I’ve also got The Book of Dave by Will Self and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which have been started but not yet finished. Then there are the writing books I got as graduation presents which I want to flick through, and get some advice on a writing career and getting stuff published. All these to read along with numerous Stephen King books, books I got for Christmas and my birthday, and books that I could review for Flaneur magazine.

Flaneur is an online magazine which I am a writer for. I actually haven’t written anything for them yet but I’ll probably do a review first, just to get myself started. They are very indie, arty and cultural, so finding something that suits their style perfectly is rather difficult to do. I don’t just have to write book reviews for them either. I can do reviews of books, films, music and art exhibits; I can write some flash fiction for them, take photos, write articles about life… there is a certain amount of autonomy here for me; the only rules I were given were… not libellous, not blasphemous, and not boring.

I am so excited about writing for them but knowing where to start and what to write specifically for them and not for my own blogs is a little bewildering. Sure I’ll get the hang of it though. So while I head off to read books and read around for inspiration for what to write for Flaneur, you can check out their website… http://flaneur.me.uk/

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6 Responses to Writing and Reading

  1. Cassie says:

    What is your project 365? Mine is photos, but yours sounds really interesting! Writing and reading, oh joy!

    • sophie king says:

      I’m writing flash fiction everyday, a short story between 100 and 1000 words. Is your 365 project online? I’d love to have a look at your photos

      • Are you posting your flash fiction works at all? It would be nice to see some posted. =)

      • sophie king says:

        Yes it’s flash fiction 365 which I see you’ve already subscribed too; that’s how I found you. this blog, Anything Goes, is my main one with journal style entries, thought it’d be easier to keep track of my 365 project if it was in a secondary blog, rather than mixed in with the other general posts

  2. Oh, that’s you! I should have known. I’ve read several of them and love them…especially the most recent, ironic that I recently posted a story (still in the works) inspired by a dream of my own!

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