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Me? Versatile Blogger?

Jacquie Finister over at 101 uses for a fork has recently passed along the Versatile Blogger Award to me and several other bloggers who she thinks are excellent. a chain post maybe and no actual award but it makes me very … Continue reading

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Thank You!

  I was reading through some posts by one of my newest followers, where I came across this entry about saying thanks to those who comment/like/follow your blog: It made me feel rather guilty about not saying hello and … Continue reading

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Mmm Carrot Cake

I’ve been meaning to make carrot cake for ages, and with lots of carrots sitting in my fridge, today seemed like a good day to give it go. I found a really simple recipe for carrot cake on the BBC … Continue reading

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Silence is Golden

You have the right to remain silent – exercise that right! I often find myself getting annoyed as I read through the news feed after logging into Facebook; I think that some people just need to shut up. I’m used … Continue reading

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Carpe Diem Follow this link ^^^^ to see the poem I have written for online magazine The Flaneur. It’s an arty, cultural place with lots of interesting stuff to feast your eyes on.   I’m planning to get my writing portfolio … Continue reading

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