I Love Snow!

Snow Jesus winning a beauty pagent - made with friends a few snowfalls ago

What is it about growing up and finding snow a burden rather than fun? Everybody on my facebook, aged 20 – 50 are updating their statuses, complaining about the “horrible” snow and how they can’t get anywhere. So what? Stay at home, build snowmen, throw snowballs. It’s weather, not a criminal.

When we were kids, snow meant fun! It was days off school building snowmen, starting snowball fights, going inside for hot sustenance to warm you from the inside. Why does that have to change when you become a grown up? I understand grown ups have responsibilities, but is snow really going to spoil everything… So you can’t get into work, so you can’t take you kids to school, so it’s cold out…. Put some decent clothes on and just enjoy it. Yes it’s annoying if you have something to do but there is nothing that important that it cannot wait (except surgery maybe).

The news adds to this terror of snow, leading people to believe that it is just awful; there is actually a amber alert at the moment for snowy weather conditions. Be more careful on the road and wrap up warm, doesn’t necessitate a weather warning in my eyes; a tornado for example should have a weather warning, it is extreme and really dangerous to people and their homes, snow is not so dangerous, well unless you drive like a maniac or go out in the nude.

Britain is a country of moaners. This ‘keep calm and carry on’ mentality that seems to be becoming popular again is a load of crap… All these people spouting the phrase, because it’s fashionable (with a few exceptions, like me, here on this blog) complain about the snow like it is the worst thing ever. Instead of carrying on, just dealing with it, they have to moan about it, tell the social media world exactly how the snow has annoyed them.

And as I write this, I’m casting my eyes over to the TV where the news is on; it’s lead story… snow on the roads. Real stories like Syria unrest and the US presidential stuff taking a back seat to the snow. It’s ridiculous! one newspaper simply has a picture of snow covered roads on the front page with one word above it; Panic!

It is just frozen water, get a grip people! See the wonder of it. The peaceful beauty; how calm it looks where it has been untouched; the crunch as you step through; it’s a modelling tool; an easy weapon; a blank canvas. A winter Wonderland.

Stop being so incredibly British and stop complaining about it. It’s a hell of a lot worse else where, so get some perspective and have some fun. I’m planning too; and I’m hoping it lasts for when me and the boyfriend go to the Lake District in his Land Rover Defender (the best 4 x 4 x far apparently), it is built for this stuff; so whilst everyone complains, I’m thinking, “Time for an adventure”

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