Silence is Golden

You have the right to remain silent – exercise that right!

I often find myself getting annoyed as I read through the news feed after logging into Facebook; I think that some people just need to shut up.

I’m used to people updating their status to tell the world they are drunk or hung-over; I’m used to the teen moms gushing about their kids; I even like some of the sarcastic stuff people post on their status; this doesn’t bother me so much, I see it as trivial and think nothing of it really. It confirms how shallow and self-involved some people can be, but they’re happy with their lives, so each to their own. No, what bothers me to no end is when people put really personal, private stuff onto Facebook.

Yes, Facebook is a place for sharing, but it doesn’t mean you have to share your entire life on there. Facebook controllers aren’t going to ban you from the site for not sharing every little iota of your existence.

What I’m talking about, getting frustrated about, is the people who share on Facebook the death of a loved one; serious illnesses; heart-breaking stuff that I feel should remain between the person it is happening to and their family and close friends, not the dozens of people you only have on Facebook because you went to the same school or met at some totally awesome party.

I have sympathy for people who have shit going on in their lives, but when they put it on Facebook, it seems like a desperate bid for attention. They’re looking for others to respond with sympathy, they want to feel like somebody is actually paying attention to them. It is particularly annoying when people write as if they were speaking to their dead relatives, like Facebook is the link between heaven and earth. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced the death of loved ones and I to feel the urge to speak to them as if they could hear me, but I don’t write it on Facebook, I’ll write it down somewhere where only I can see it. It is such a personal thing to go through, I don’t understand why you would want to share it on Facebook. Even if it’s to let your family know who you have on Facebook; you’re family! Surely you have a phone number, so you can contact them directly. Imagine finding out about the death of someone in your family or that your relative is in hospital via Facebook. It’s so heartless.

It’s no new annoyance to me, but I’m writing about it now because yesterday I discovered that the Granddad of a friend of mine had died last week; I found out about this from him directly, but what I didn’t see on Facebook a week ago was his girlfriend write about it. A couple of my other friends got their smart phones out to show me what she wrote and I instantly felt a cringe-worthy knot form in my stomach; it physically repulsed me that somebody would write on Facebook about the death of somebody else’s granddad. Yes it was her boyfriend’s granddad, but if he didn’t write about it on Facebook, she shouldn’t write about it. It’s not like they are married or anything so one wouldn’t expect her to tell the world about it anyway.

I feel disappointed in people when they write about such stuff on Facebook, more so when it is someone I am actually friends with in the real world. I am definitely a firm believer in keeping personal things, well personal. It’s not like knowledge of my private life will be beneficial in any way, shape or form to anybody. I only write on this blog what I think others would be interested in.

Just because a social networking site encourages you to write what is on your mind, it doesn’t mean you have to obey them. I don’t want to read about your painful life experiences on Facebook, just as much as I don’t want to know what you had for breakfast. It’s your life; keep it that way.

Silence is after all, Golden.



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2 Responses to Silence is Golden

  1. here here! Totally agree. I often get seriously frustrated at people, and its tempting to write something back to keep them shtm but i would look as stupid as them! I wont go on as you’ve explained it pretty succinctly!

    • sophie king says:

      That girl I mentioned, who wrote about her boyfriend’s granddad dying last week, her granddad died a few days ago, so it’s like an overload of overly personal statuses on my facebook right now. It’s so cringeworthy!

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