Spring Awakening

Spring is beginning to blossom. There is warmth in the air; sunshine is breaking through the clouds, and as people start stripping away their winter skin, I am a little disheartened.

Because I love winter!

I love cosy hats and scarfs and I love cuddly soft jumpers; I love stodgy warming foods; I love wintry landscapes. And I much prefer to be too cold than too hot.

Yes, spring and summer have their advantages, but autumn and winter are the best seasons in my opinion. I find them more intriguing. The crunch of fallen leaves; the stream of hot air as you breathe out; the touches of frost; the blanket of snow; the rush of cold air on your warm cheeks; the freezing rain. So much more happens in autumn and winter than it does in spring and summer. In spring and summer, it’s either sunny or rainy. Winter mixes it up a bit, keeps you on  your toes, always guessing what natural occurence will come next.

Winter gets a bad reputation for being grey and accident prone, but it really is more interesting. So whilst others are enjoying wearing lighter jackets and less layers, I’m clutching at my coat and sizeable scarf collection, hoping that winter will last just that little bit longer. The beaming sun and birdsong outside my window as I type this tell me that winter is definately fast fading.

Guess this is TTFN winter (that’s Ta Ta For Now), we’ve had some fun… sleeping in a glorified shed in the midst of snow at the Lake District was a definate high point; the walks on frosty sunny days were pretty awesome too. But as to the natural order of things, we have to part.

Until next time winter.

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2 Responses to Spring Awakening

  1. Ha..ha.. Blessed is the soul who accepts and appreciates what others dread. 🙂

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