A few days ago I found this little rubber (eraser) with the word hope emblazoned upon it. It may be a sign, or just a huge coincidence that I found it when I seemed to be lacking in hope.

It may be the name and logo of some company (it says education in very tiny letters beneath hope) but ignoring that, I have now adopted this little rubber as my hope. As long as I have it, I will have Hope; it will remind me to keep being hopeful.

Hopeful for a decent job and soon; hopeful for a home and a family; hopeful for enough money to live off; hopeful for a long and happy life. Without hope, and the belief that I can achieve the things I want most, then what really do I have to live for? Ok… so maybe I do actually have to be pro-active about gaining such things, but I reckon that you need hope to pull you through. After being rejected for a job, you got to hope that you will find something eventually, that someone will take a chance on you. And finding this rubber reminded me to keep the hope after I didn’t get that tutor position I applied for.

And I want to share it with you guys. To remind you to keep the hope… keep the faith. It is such a simple concept and emotion but it is so strong. But don’t forget to be pro-active about your life… just hoping things will come to you is not how it works 🙂



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