What Weekends are Made For

I have just had the perfect weekend! The kind of weekend that creates a glow… you just feel utterly content and at peace, and happy with the world. You forget about the stresses of life and the job (or lack of job in my case) and truly live in the moment.

On Friday night, the boyfriend whisked me home from work where I performed a quick change of clothes and ate some pate on toast whilst watching a sketch from the Sport Relief telethon before heading out for drinks with his mates. There’s usually a bigger group of us, but with some on a long weekend holiday, and others with dramas going on, there were just four of us out that night, me and the boys. And whilst they chatted about cars, I bopped along to the live band who were playing a bit of soul and motown (loved it!)

Saturday morning started with another bop to music as I rose from my pit to get ready to go out for breakfast. I love breakfast food the most! I opted for a relatively healthy Egg Royale (poached eggs and smoked salmon on toasted English muffins, topped with hollandaise sauce and chives. Delicious) whilst the boyfriend and one of the lads from the night before shared a breakfast platter of the full English breakfast (I did steal a bit of hash browns and fried bread 😀 ). From there we went from the restaurant to the farm shop next door, purchasing baked goods for a visit to the boyfriend’s grandparents.

We stayed at their cottage for hours chatting, putting the world to rights, enjoying the glorious sunshine, having a go on their swings and playing with a homemade bow and arrow. I felt like such a kid again that I even did a cartwheel.

With time getting on, the boyfriend and I then went back to his house, spending time on his father’s Ipad browsing through real estate websites, searching for a property we had seen the night before, wondering how much it was worth, (with 11 bedrooms and several bathrooms, it came in at a little over £1million!) we also browsed at a few places where we would like to live, but getting bored of that, I started to look at stuff I would furnish my house with… found some really cool stuff on the net.

maybe for a tree house instead

The evening was then spent watching the first TV series of Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch on DVD.

Sunday was spent baking. The mother had bought a new biscuit tin, so of course, it had to be filled with delicious biscuit treats. I followed a basic recipe and added my own flavourings. The first batch were chocolate chip, with melted chocolate drizzled on them; the second batch were a little bit fancier, with orange and poppyseed; and the final batch were topped with jam. Simple to make and absolutely tasty! The basic recipe was 75g butter, 50g caster sugar and 125g flour (plain or self-raising – I used self-raising and got huge biscuits!) this makes about 8 medium biscuits but for the choc chip and jam cookies, I doubled the ingredients to make 12 large biscuits. For the choc chip, I added 100g chocolate chips and chopped half a choc bar into chunks. For the orange and poppyseed cookies, I added the zest of 1 large orange and a bit of the juice and then poured in plenty of poppyseeds and a few sesame seeds for extra crunch. For the jam cookies, after shaping the biscuits by hand and laying them onto a well-greased baking tray, I made a small well in each biscuit, spooning strawberry jam into each one. These were all then baked for 15-18 minutes at 180c. I definitely recommend you try making them yourselves, they’re dead easy and really tasty!

After baking the rest of my afternoon was spent in the garden, flicking through magazines, before heading inside to watch the film, Calender Girls, with my parents.

My wonderful weekend ended, with the boyfriend coming to mine, and watching a film called Closer. I’d got it for £1.50 and have been meaning to watch it for ages, and now I have, I’m glad I got it so cheap. There was no real storyline and depth of character to it; just two couples interchanging partners; declaring their love after one meeting; cheating on each other; going back and forth several times. The boyfriend wanted someone to die at the end, and I thought that they would all become one relationship… living happily ever after as a foursome; it didn’t really have an ending to be honest, no real sense of renewed equilibrium. It was strange.

When the boyfriend left me to go get things ready for a job he is doing today, I felt suddenly down. The weekend was over. Real life in all its shambles had to resume. I awake today, back at the computer, losing whatever colour I had on my face from a weekend in the sun to the pixels of my laptop screen. Back to the job hunt I go; back to concerns of the future; back to squeezing a story from my being in an attempt at being a writer.

But hey, no point getting down about it… It is after all, Life. That’s how it works, you can’t live everyday as if it was the weekend. It’s more socially acceptable to be a functioning member of society, earning money, paying bills, and all that jazz. Not as much fun but necessary.



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