Social Awkwardness

As I write this there is a strange man in my kitchen.

He is here to fix the washing machine; for once again the bastard thing has broken down – only had someone out to fix it a little while before Christmas. And being the only one in my household without a day job, I have to be the one here to gormlessly point out the machine, like he has never seen one before, and shrug my shoulders when he asks what is wrong with it, all the time thinking, “You’re the expert, you tell me”.

I like to think that I am fairly easy going in social situations. I might be a tad shy at first but I usually come out of my shell, but this kind of situation shall always be awkward to me.

I haven’t offered him a cup of tea. I don’t like doing that as I want them out of my house as soon as possible. The only time I have ever offered up a hot beverage was when two guys came along to install new windows for the entire house, and they had arrived before the guys with the scaffolding so they couldn’t do anything. Thankfully they did sit in their van to wait, but I did take them out a couple of coffees. But offering tea or coffee when they can get on with the job implies that they can relax in my home and take it easy. I can’t relax with a strange man in my home, so why should he be able to do so; he is here to do a job so he can have a tea break when he is done, in his own van. A little harsh and unfriendly perhaps, but when it is disrupting your day, to hell with social etiquette.

Speaking of social etiquette, I nearly turned into my mother, making sure the house looked tidy for him, but I caught myself and decided to make the house look a little more lived in. Do we really need to make a nice impression on them… it’s not like he is royalty. However, I did make the effort to change out my pyjamas and spray on some deodorant 🙂 I may not have a day job but I don’t want anyone at all thinking that I just fester all day, doing nothing of significance, it annoys me when my family think that, so I definitely don’t want strangers thinking that… thinking I’m just some worthless so and so on benefits or something. I don’t care what people may think of my personality, but I do care about what people think of my morals and work ethic. Actually… seeing as I am typing, the man in my house probably thinks I’m a student doing an assignment or something.

Just noticed my nosey neighbour having a good old butchers at the red van, belonging to the strange kitchen man, currently parked outside my house. I can just imagine him thinking, “Ooo, they’re having more work done on their house… maybe they’re fixing it up for sale”. Dream on neighbour, we’re here to listen to you unplugging your sockets every night for a while yet.

I have just shown the strange man out of my house and now I can relax again. He wasn’t a chatty one, which I like as I hate making small talk… he just got on with it. Not entirely uncomfortable, but still rather strange having someone in my house, cutting into my quiet, alone time that I have come to enjoy during the day.

When my mom text me this morning at quarter past 8, waking me from my slumber to let me know that someone would be at the house between 9 and 11, I was consumed with dread. If I didn’t get up and changed and have breakfast, he would have been here by 9 and I would have been a right state to see first thing in the morning. I figured, knowing my luck, if I did get up and changed before 9, he would have been really late, like after the 11am latest that was quoted to me, stopping me from doing something substantial at the risk of his arrival, like showering. Before he arrived, the thought also occurred to me, “what if he comes when I’m upstairs and I don’t hear the doorbell, he’ll think no-one is in and then leave, letting me go through this again.” Man I hate waiting in for things. I did want to go out today, and did think of leaving, just to spite my parents, thinking that it’s not my responsibility, but it would’ve just caused more mayhem, trying to get them to come out again. No, my plans to get the few things that I need (new trousers for my cleaning job, stationary for my writer’s portfolio, etc) have been pushed back till tomorrow… not a big deal really, but I really need to get them, and really want to get my portfolio under way.

Guess today will be a writing day instead. Had a few ideas for articles and stories, so gonna get those noted down and started before they leave my brain forever and leave me blank. Glad the social awkwardness of man coming to fix washing machine is over now and that it didn’t disrupt too much of my day. Might even do a bit of job-hunting before I head off to my evening job. Job-hunting always leaves me feeling deflated, follow that up with an evening of cleaning, and I feel completely fed-up. But hey, that’s how it goes. I keep thinking that I should enjoy my days while I can because when I do get a day job, I’m going to struggle to find the time to do everything that I want/need to but if I just lounged about in the sun, I’d feel as if I have wasted a day.

Anyways… I’m gonna go do some writing.

Happy Thursday everybody x

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8 Responses to Social Awkwardness

  1. With all due respect to your own views, a cup of tea should always be offered to someone who is doing you the favour. They’re not invading your space..its the nature of the job. It doesn’t mean you have to dive into conversation with them.

    it’s just a cup of tea after all…….
    (perhaps study the manual for next time, as to avoid social interaction)

    • sophie king says:

      See, I know I should, but I feel awkward just thinking about offering him one… especially when to work on the washing machine, he is in the way of the kettle.

      Must try harder next time. Must try harder. Must try harder.

  2. Boil it a minute or so before he arrives so it shortens the whole process.

    If this is all too awkward for you, buiscuit tin.

    Preach that mantra lady.

  3. reebit says:

    I’m American. Unfortunately the thought of offering someone anything when they are not friends or family is incredibly strange to think of! However, when it came to movers and people doing HARD work, my mom always offered them water, a soda pop, or something similar.

    Having been the only one home when a repairman arrives is quite awkward. I never knew what to do in those situations. I never made even eye contact, but I thanked them profusely when they left.

  4. I know how you feel with feeling like it’s an invasion of space – I feel like that when people have ever come to my home… but at the same time all they are for is a job and it means making a cup of tea then fine… but I get the sense of relief when they are gone… goodness I really do understand… It’s like: ahhh thank goodness they’ve gone, now I can relax and get on with life…whatever that may be…

    I have a question: you say you don’t have a job but yet you work as a cleaner? how is that not having a job? it just sounds to me that your job isn’t during the day or is more that it’s not a career?

    • sophie king says:

      When I say that I don’t have a job, I do mean that I don’t have a career. Sometimes though, I don’t really count being a cleaner as a job; of course it’s a job, I do get paid, but because it’s only two hours of an evening and I spend a lot of time at home, it does feel like I’m doing nothing with myself, so even if I get a day job (rather than a career), I would probably count that as having a job, evn though I do technically have one right now.

      • Ok. Understood. Thanks for the clarification. It’s good to know in what context you speak of now – when you say that you don’t have a job. 🙂 It’s good to know that there are people that think similarly to me.

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