Full of Admiration

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One of the things I like most about reading other people’s blogs is that you can come across so many admirable people. Those who are humble, hard-working, and inspiring.

People who are positive despite dealing with serious illness and heartbreak maybe; people who are fighting for a good cause; people who work hard and find time for many things, to name a few. Whenever I get fresh blog posts land in my inbox I can’t wait to see what kind of human life awaits me… stories of courage maybe? Or rantings about not so admirable people perhaps?

However, right now, I am full of admiration for someone who isn’t in the blogosphere… she isn’t even on Facebook or anything like that. She is the deputy manager at the nursery where I spend my evenings cleaning.

She is hard-working, doing a great job on everything that needs to be done (no half-arsed attempts at anything) and she is a great mother to her 8 year old son, and will be to her unborn baby no-name. She juggles so many balls and amazingly none of them once gets dropped. No one element suffers or falls behind.

Whenever I see her, she is either rushing about, heading off to the gym or to do some food shopping, or getting her son off to karate; but sometimes she is just chatting away. There have been times where we have chatted away for a good half an hour before she decides that she really must head off and make dinner for her husband and child.

And what makes her all the more admirable in my eyes is that in the past year, she hasn’t taken a single day off. Even with the early stages of her pregnancy and the morning sickness that comes with it, she didn’t take a single sick day. A couple of other ladies at the nursery are pregnant too and have had a couple of days off because of it. One of the girls there has even taken 19 sick days and she isn’t even pregnant!

It amazes me that someone with such a hectic life either hasn’t fallen ill or decides to push through the illness and come to work anyway. She’s a real working class hero in my eyes. She inspires me to push through my laziness disease and do something; she inspires me to be more like her.

She is kind, generous, loving, and hard-working. I definitely think I’m loving and generous, but I should definitely work on being more hard-working and kind (I do have a tendency to be a bit bitchy)

She is probably the most admirable person that I know. And I really like the fact that she isn’t a celebrity. Yes, some celebrities are hard-working and admirable, but for more realistic inspiration it’s best to admire “normal” people, real people.

I’d love to hear about some people you really admire (celeb or not)


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One Response to Full of Admiration

  1. michael says:

    What a wonderful post and recognition of the unsung heroes out there. Thanks for sharing.

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