An Insult to Womanhood

I have just been made aware of an article penned by a woman named Samantha Brick about the struggles she faces as a “beautiful” woman, and now I want to throw in my two cents on the matter.

Reading the article (see for yourself here), my eye was drawn immediately to the image of herself. I decided that she was rather pretty (no Hollywood type though) and that she did seem rather nice… maybe people were just overreacting. But reading her words immediately changed my first impression of her.

She goes on about how awful her life is because she is so good-looking… how men buy her drinks, hold doors open for her, and even buy her train tickets; whilst women just don’t want to know her because they feel threatened. She comes across as egotistical, wanting us to feel sorry for her and the many other good-looking women in this world who suffer the same fate, wishing herself ugly and damning woman kind for not being supportive of our fellow sisters.

As to be expected, there was a considerable amount of backlash from both men and women commenting that she isn’t that pretty and asking if the article was some kind of late April Fool’s gag. To give you an idea, here’s one comment which pretty much sums up all of them…

“I ended up scanning this article rather than reading it fully as Samantha was dropping one brick after another! She might be pretty on the outside but she’s horrendous on the inside. Maybe that is why people – women? – don’t like her! She presents as quite obnoxious in my opinion and that would be what I would judge her on, not her looks, which aren’t that stunning anyway!”

Then came the follow-up article where she attempts to justify her piece, stating that the backlash just proves that she is hated for being a beautiful woman. Not only is she obnoxious but she is also deluded… people are hating on her because of her words, and personality, not her looks. Samantha even argues that if Angelina Jolie stated that she was a good-looking woman, than she would experience the same backlash because apparently it’s just not acceptable for women to call themselves beautiful. Which makes me want to shout, “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!”, if you state your good looks as fact and then complain about them, than yes, people are going to think of you as an over-inflated ego.

What annoys me most about what Samantha Brick has written is that she tars all women with the same brush. All women are jealous and spiteful and only want friends who are uglier than themselves.

Just because she knows a few bitchy women, doesn’t mean that all women are like that. As a woman myself, I know that women can be bitchy and argumentative, but Samantha makes us all sound shallow and conceited. We’ve come a long way from just being a man’s companion, expected to sit in silence and look pretty, we should be congratulating each other and I feel extremely sorry for Samantha in that she doesn’t feel the bonds of sisterhood. Then again, maybe if she had a better personality, she would.

I feel the need to shout about womanhood and tell my fellow sisters that you are all beautiful and I love you. And even if I did get jealous, I wouldn’t let it stand in the way of friendship… Last week I was jealous that one of my beautiful girls was in Australia on some amazing holiday but I’m not gonna stop being friends with her. Life is too short for that.

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2 Responses to An Insult to Womanhood

  1. Israel says:

    I don’t understand alot of people but women like her are women i truly don’t understand. If she wants to be less beautiful on the outside all she has to do is dress differently. Its not to hard to not put on make-up or dress in something that doesnl’t turn on ever guy in sight. Is it?

  2. sophie king says:

    You are so right! If being beautiful is such a hassle for her she should just let herself go. Simple

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