How to Survive 12 hours at Daycare

That’s right… I have worked for 12 straight hours at a children’s nursery.

Because my sister is manager of the nursery where I clean, she will sometimes ask me to help cover for staff shortages due to illness or training days. This week I have worked Tuesday, wednesday and today covering for staff on top of my evening cleaning session. Tuesday and wednesday weren’t too bad, but today was the killer 12 hour day… 9 and a half hours looking after babies and 2 and half cleaning.

I thought I would share on here what I have learned from my time there:

1) When your alarm clock wakes you from your Beauty and the Beast remake of a dream, it’s best to get up straight away. Snooze buttons will let you sleep your life away.

2) Always carry painkillers with you… a screaming induced headache will definately be coming your way.

3) Don’t bother picking off the dried on weetabix from your top, there is no point as you’ll be wearing the rest of the day’s menu soon enough.

4) You will be scratched.

5) It’s best to act interested when on your lunch break the other girls are chatting about some TV show you think is absolute bull crap.

6) When a baby comes crying to you in want of some love, don’t get to attached… that child’s key person will come and take her off you, even if the child has calmed down… and if the key person is in a different room for the day, she’ll still come.

7) When you offer to stay until the majority of children have been collected, feel smug, but do so in your own thoughts when some staff members decide to leave exacty when their shift is supposed to end, putting themselves first rather than the children.

8) When everybody has gone and it’s just you left cleaning, pass the time by singing the Disney songs that are engrained in your mind from listening to them ALL day.

9) It’s best to have dinner as soon as you get home, if you don’t, you will never get the energy to do it.

10) And finally… send your achy body to bed as you think of what to do in the 22 hours you have free before you are cleaning again.

And that is what I have learned today. It was a very long, slow day and surprisingly, I don’t feel completely miserable. A few have asked why I have worked for so long and my number one reason is for the money, but close behind that is that it gives me something to do. Working at a nursery for a few days every so often isn’t exactly cutting into my busy days; it makes me feel useful, a feeling you don’t get too often when you spend your days trawling the internet, looking for a decent job 🙂


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One Response to How to Survive 12 hours at Daycare

  1. subtlekate says:

    This is some kind of punishment.

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