Passing Strangers

On the way to my little cleaning job the other day, I was thinking about job hunting and how long and arduous the process is; for some reason I then started to wonder if the people that pass me by can tell that I’m fed-up and a little lost.

My mind then went off on a tangent… What do people see when they look at me?

I’m aware this question sounds largely egotistical but I do mean it from a personality/emotional standpoint rather than a vain one.

Do strangers just pass me (and others) by, no-one of significance in their lives, just the faceless population that make up the rest of the world? Or do they notice something?

Will they notice if I’m walking with my head high or down low? Can they tell I’m trying to figure them out? Does that guy in his 4×4 realise that I’m checking out his car and not him?

When you walk down the street, do you notice if somebody seems content and relaxed, or a little miffed maybe? Can you tell if they are lost in thought? Do you sense drama or any emptiness in their lives?

And then on a semi-superficial level… what do your clothes say about your personality? do they scream that you are a bit of a bore? Or a try-hard perhaps? Do they make you look smart or too into appearences?

How do your clothes and facial expressions articulate your person? And can anyone really know the person you are?

Pretty deep for a quick walk to work I guess, but that is just how my mind works sometimes.

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4 Responses to Passing Strangers

  1. QueenBee says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Job hunting is hard & it does steal the light & happiness you had when you first started job hunting. It makes you not even what to try b/c you already feel like it makes no sense to fill out an application when you know you’re not getting hired. And it hurts even more when employers tell you their not hiring & almost every time you look up their training someone new. I even had a employer return my call (I was called to check on my application) & tell me she’s not replacing this person till the person starts school (which was a month from then, 1 of her employees told me to put in for the position now to beat others, since she always saw me turning in applications their) & that she’s not even looking for anyone at this time. About 3 or 4 days later the employer was training someone new for the same position she said wouldn’t become open till the following month. This employer chose to lie instead of saying she has someone already in mind. She lost a lot of my respect & I vowed to never be like that once I do have authority to hire.
    My parents never told me how hard it would be to find a job & how it may make you feel not good enough. From what I was mislead to believe is all I needed was at least a high school diploma. You see your peers getting job after job, some would steal from one job & turn around & get the next job. You can tell most employers don’t do background checks but they will judge you on the jobs you didn’t have. Where I’m from you will find a job flipping burgers and/or cleaning floors before you get that dream job at the boutique or bank. And I’m sorry I didn’t suffer through school to flip burgers or clean floors. You don’t have to finish school to do that. I feel more & more lost because how long it’s been & I wonder do people truly know how unhappy I am to not be at the place in my life that I thought I would be by now. The plans I made are delayed & has been delayed for years now. Sorry for the long comment. You’re not alone.

    • sophie king says:

      Glad to know I’m not alone. I’m one who won’t bother filling out an application if I think I’m lacking in the right experience, people always tell me that I should just fill it out anyway, but it seems like a waste of my time and theirs if I already know that I don’t have the necessary skills and traning. Can’t believe that employer starting training someone new after what she said to you, like it’s protecting your feelings or something. If employers are just straight with us, and tell us exactly why they didn’t want us for a position, we can learn something, improve ourselves and hopefully do better on the next application. Employers need to man up and tell it to us outright.

      I think parents gloss over the difficulties because they don’t want to put you off achieving your dream but it’s completely unrealistc. When I was young, I remember being told that getting a degree from university would put you ahead of everybody else in the job hunting competition but nowadays everybody has them; a degree doesn’t mean a secure job anymore.

      Hope we both find something soon, just to keep our sanity. Thanks for commenting

  2. QueenBee says:

    I’ve never been a receptionist or a bank teller but I do know how to smile, be friendly, file papers, use a computer & count money, it’s not that hard. And either way it goes you will still be trained for the position. The employer wasn’t protecting my feelings & my feelings wouldn’t have been bothered, if she just said she had someone already in mind or that she had someone for the position. I know everything happens for a reason but a lot of the stuff I’ve been through during job hunting is just unnecessary. So much for having a clean record, lol. It’s so tiresome filling out applications at the same places, especially when they only keep the application on file for 30 days. So I was turning in 1 every month & was repeatedly told we’re not hiring but yet I kept seeing new faces. I’ve even thought about closing my account b/c of the many lies, LOL.

    Believe it or not it does get better. And along the way I’ve learned what type of employer I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be a liar, I don’t want to judge others just b/c they never worked or don’t have much experience that’s not me. You have to start somewhere.

    We both will find something soon, it’s not the end of the world is something I keep reminding myself. It gets better even when it seems like you’re stuck. Hell even when you feel hopeless & insecure or give up for a period of time, it gets better. I even took a break from job hunting b/c I couldn’t take so many lies & rejections week after week. And what hurt me the most was my first interview was 4 years after I first started job hunting. But it’s no ones fault but mine, if I would’ve filled out applications at fast food places or as a janitor I would be working by now.

    Good luck.

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