Just Another Manic Monday

Ok, so my monday so far isn’t really manic at all. However, I am going through the weekend come down and feeling a tad like the above chicken as another week begins.

Friday evening was spent watching a movie at the boyfriend’s house, taking gentle digs at each other and having a laugh. Saturday was spent with the boyfriend’s grandparents, where time just flies by and you just can’t refuse the food on offer. Then we went back to boyfriend’s house where I got to look at his baby pictures. So cute! From there we went for drinks with a few friends which is always funny. And finally, my Sunday was spent writing before going to the boyfriend’s house yet again, where I made chocolate chip cookies and a chocolate lemon drizzle cake without following a recipe (feel so proud of myself) before watching another movie.

It seems like I did a lot but it was amazingly relaxed and peaceful. Most of my weekends recently have been this way and I absolutely love it. I feel all warm and squashy inside; completly content with life.

But then a new week arrives. Monday dawns and I just feel deflated. There’s a heaviness I can’t really explain as another week of jobhunting/failed attempts at writing/general feelings of being lost ensues. It is becoming a bit of cycle; annoying week followed by happy weekend. But at least I am truly happy at some point, so I shouldn’t be complaining too much.

I suppose many people are the same way with their own crummy working week, topped off with an ace weekend. As I have said in a previous post, That’s Life. Got to make the most of any situation, so if I can only be truly happy at the weekend, so be it. I’m going to change my situation as soon as I can; as soon as I can catch a break, so maybe one day I’ll find that I am happy all week long, all year round.


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