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In which I mourn the loss of my youth

Last night I had a dream. Unlike Martin Luther King jr, however, it was not a dream of a better future, it was a dream of the past; my past; not a specific moment from my history but an exaggerated, … Continue reading

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Testing a Person’s Will

A little slice of wisdom from writer Paulo Coelho. It reminds me to be patient, but also to be prepared. Just because nothing is happening now, it doesn’t mean that it never will.

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Finding Positives

I hate my job. Fact. For those not in the know, I have an evening cleaning job at a children’s nursery. Cleaning up after somebody else is nobody’s idea of a great job… well unless you are Monica from Friends… … Continue reading

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I Am Writer. Hear Me Roar!

Lately, I haven’t really been doing any writing. I’ve got the ideas and stuff I want to write about, but for some reason I just couldn’t find the energy to sit at the computer and write. Not writer’s block, just … Continue reading

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Crack of Sunlight

As much as I complain about my cleaning job and a lack of proper employment, occasionally I do actually enjoy the time I have to myself afforded to me by only working in the evenings. A few days ago, after … Continue reading

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