Only For Now

I’ve been feeling completely fed-up lately. I’m despising my cleaning job and struggling to find anything else, unsure of what job I actually want. Yes, I talk about being a writer, but that’s more of a hobby with pocket-money making potential. I’m looking for something with a secure, monthly income. And I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Through feeling fed-up, I’m not feeling very sociable right now, so when I told one of my friends that I wouldn’t be out at our weekly drink session because of this, she reminded me that all this little girl lost, looking for a job business, it’s only for now, just like the Avenue Q song suggests (whom we saw back in May 2011).

I instantly youtubed the song and I’m posting it here for everybody else who feels lost, stuck and completely fed-up because whatever your situation, it is only for now.


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