University – One Year On

One year ago today, on the 6th of May 2011, my last ever assignment for university was handed in.

It was just your average day. There was no marching band, no people cheering and patting me on the back as I walked down the long corridor towards the exams and assessments office. No banners conveying congratulations at having made it. There wasn’t any buzz of electricity in the air as I handed over my last assignment and got my life back. No more days spent staring at a computer screen, getting frustrated, blagging my way through essays; just the uni quietly ticking over, as it always did.

I can’t quite believe it has been a whole year already. I’ve been in the real world, out of the comfort of education for an entire year and still don’t feel like I’ve taken my first proper steps into the real world, let alone feel like it is my oyster. I don’t even feel smart if I’m to be entirely honest. People assume I am because I went to university, but I’m really not… but call me stupid and I’ll throw a hissy fit 😀  I just blagged my way through assignments, doing the bare minimum. I know I could have done better but I was just too lazy.

I’ve been rather lazy since then in this past year but I know something has got to change. I need to be more motivated and carry that motivation through to actually doing something, rather than just thinking about it. Some things desperately need to change in this second year out of uni, which means getting my act together. I am not a student anymore.

My last assignment for uni




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