I Am Writer. Hear Me Roar!

Lately, I haven’t really been doing any writing. I’ve got the ideas and stuff I want to write about, but for some reason I just couldn’t find the energy to sit at the computer and write. Not writer’s block, just laziness. As I have mentioned before, laziness is my biggest downfall.

I didn’t feel like a writer at all. I felt like the cleaner that I am and that was massively depressing. This cleaning job I have is just temporary, keeping me in a little money whilst I write and look for a better job, so I have never thought of myself as just a cleaner before. It was soul crushing.

So on Monday, I sat myself down at my laptop and forced myself to write. I struggled to form words for the ideas I already had when I thought of a well used phrase in writing, “write what you know”, and right then, I knew about staring at a blank page, attempting to write something, so I wrote about it, turning it into a piece of flash fiction. The fruits of my labours can be found here; I am Writer.

Writing this piece was like opening the flood gates. I suddenly had the urge to write about everything. I even did a little writing for a personal project I started last year and haven’t got very far on. It felt so good, so restorative to the soul; I really felt like myself again, that I could call myself a writer again.

I was on such a high from writing that I nearly lost all track of time and made myself a little late for work. But when I did get to work, I didn’t feel so miserable about being there. I didn’t feel so heavy and down-trodden like I did last week.

Last night I even had a dream that would be a perfect story. I’m not going to digress details but I think it is an excellent idea.

I’m just so happy to have my writing mojo back! It feels like I am my normal self again; because I am a writer!

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