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Digging up the Dead

I have just read an article on the BBC news website about possible graves being dug up so the new HS2 rail line can run through that land instead. Now I’m kind of annoyed at this world. A little while back … Continue reading

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A case of the lurgy

I’m writing this post to keep me a little bit sane. You see I have come down with a dreadful cold… sore dry throat, streaming nose, ears that feel like they need a good popping and general aches and pains … Continue reading

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Twice in the past week, on my walk into work, an ambulance has hightailed it past me at top speed, sirens blaring to get to some emergency; and twice in the past week, I kind of hoped that the ambulance’s … Continue reading

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My Cultured Rainy Days

I’m currently sitting in the warm and dry watching the rain as it is tapping at the window. Feeling very cosy, I’m listening to classic fm as I do some writing and a bit of painting. I’m in a very cultured mood today … Continue reading

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Jubilee weekend. My tv viewing is being bombarded with the royal family and of course everything British, so I thought I would share with the blogosphere a painting I did a little while ago. The boyfriend’s brother was creating some … Continue reading

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