Star of Life – Ambulance Logo

Twice in the past week, on my walk into work, an ambulance has hightailed it past me at top speed, sirens blaring to get to some emergency; and twice in the past week, I kind of hoped that the ambulance’s destination was my workplace.

I know it’s a horrible thought, sadistic and a tad morbid, that I hope something serious has happened to someone at the nursery but it would add a bit of drama to the regular routine if it had.

Think I’m definately in need of some fun. All I’ve been doing lately is sitting at my laptop all day, jobhunting and browsing articles for writing inspiration and then working in the evenings. I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut really. In need of emergency treatment, resuscitation, a life transplant… I could go on with the medical puns, but I think you get the picture.

So what does one do when an injection of life is needed?

Well I’ve started by planning a break in the routine. I’ve booked myself an evening off from the hell hole next week, I mean work, and I’m going to spend an entire day with a friend in a different city. A change of scenery should mix things up a bit; kick the brain into gear. Because a routine is so familiar, the brain doesn’t need to pay attention all that much, so in theory, switching up the routine is making good use of your noggin and expanding your mind.

I think being in a routine kind of limits your perceptions as well, there are so many things in this world but when a creature of habit I find it difficult to think outside of the box so to speak. All I can think of to break the routine is a change of scenery and maybe trying some new foods. I’m sure a quick google search will give me some more ideas though. A few new things is all I need right now to make life a little more interesting. Breaking entirely from the routine I find myself in won’t be beneficial to my bank balance or potential new jobs. The monotany just needs to be broken every now and then to remind us that life can be totally awesome sometimes. Then maybe I wouldn’t need that speeding ambulance to add a bit of drama to my life

(Oh, just in case you didn’t get it… that’s ambulance spelt backwards in the title – you know, because it’s spelt backwards on the vehicle 🙂  )

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