A case of the lurgy

I’m writing this post to keep me a little bit sane.

You see I have come down with a dreadful cold… sore dry throat, streaming nose, ears that feel like they need a good popping and general aches and pains all over my body. I have been completely uncomfortable all day, constantly being a fidget because everywhere just hurts. And it doesn’t help that I am completely useless at being ill.

When the first signs of an illness approach, I do feel kind of chuffed **stops to blow nose** I like the idea of getting a little attention and having tea brought to me but when the full blown illness takes hold it is absolutely awful. Not only does my body let me down but my attitude does to.  **stops to blow nose again** I get really restless and stroppy; I whine to myself because I’m mad that being ill stops me from doing things. Me and the boyfriend were going to go on a bit of a hike today across the great British countryside but I don’t think I would have made it past the front door. I feel utterly bored watching TV all day but haven’t the energy to force my mouldy body to do something. I’m restless, agitated and fed-up.  **blows nose again**

It’s funny that how all last week I longed to just sit and do nothing because I had been so busy, but now I am sitting, doing nothing I can’t stand it.

I hate being ill! Hopefully I will feel better soon so I can go and do something of interest.

Thanks for reading this self-pity post and with a sneeze I bid you adieu with the promise of better posts soon

SK x

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