Digging up the Dead

I have just read an article on the BBC news website about possible graves being dug up so the new HS2 rail line can run through that land instead. Now I’m kind of annoyed at this world.

A little while back I wrote a post about how I was against this high speed rail link between Birmingham and London, questionning why everybody is in such a rush to do things (there’s a perfectly good rail line between these two cities already, don’t hate on it because it is “slow”) and wondering how much greenery this country is famous for we’ll actually have left if powerful men with deep pockets get to build new skyscrapers and train lines all the time.

Disturbing people’s final resting place is just another reason to detest the project. The article does make the argument that the potential cemetry’s to be dug out are century’s old and will more than likely have no close living relatives, which is a good point but I find it is such a shame that a person’s history is literally being wiped off the face of the earth. Family tree researchers will never be able to see a part of their own personal history; so what if an ancestors date of birth and death can be found online on these ancestry websites? Seeing it on a screen doesn’t make it real; you can’t make a connection with it.

It feels like this generation is so geared towards themselves that they don’t realise that yes, advances in technology allows us to get somewhere or do something faster, but it is costing us the earth, quite literally. Over-population, extensive train lines, new office buildings etc etc need to be placed somewhere. So there goes that lush green field and up goes a dingy grey block. It is like people forget that Nature is our Life Force. Not only does plantlife provide something pretty to look at, but they release oxygen into the air and provide us with real food.

I feel like people need to bring their smart phones down from in front of their face and take a look at this world. Life isn’t all about technology; it isn’t all a smoggy grey colour; it isn’t the speed of your journey. There are bigger, better and more beautiful things in life…

I’m going to stop ranting now. I see I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent but what I am basically trying to say is, “Eurgh! Stupid HS2 railline!”

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