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Work / Life Balance

Lately I have been putting a lot of thought into this concept of “work”. I know it is the done thing in most parts of the world, giving away your time in exchange for money, which makes sense considering everything … Continue reading

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The Non-Waiting Game

Apparently patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. But you shouldn’t wait for things to happen, you need to make them happen. Be proactive. Make your own destiny. Waiting is going to get you no where. … Continue reading

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One Year – a significant amount of time that goes by too quickly

Today, this 11th day of July, I have been cleaning a nursery, every weekday evening for one entire year. For something that was supposed to be a for now job, I can’t quite believe that I’ve been there for a year… actually … Continue reading

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It’s an Analog Planet

It’s an analog planet, and we’re all spending more and more time in the virtual world that doesn’t really exist – Joe Walsh; singer/songwriter I agree with Joe Walsh (whose latest album is called Analog Man) that the first world population … Continue reading

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You’re so vain… you probably think this post is about you

The other day I was feeling rather insecure about my body; something that happens from time to time, which most likely happens to other women too (well… I hope so). I was depising my legs because they seem out of … Continue reading

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