The other day I was going about my business as normal… browsing the net for jobs, doing a little bit of writing, then going to my evening job, when out of no where it dawned on me that I actually have the life I decided I wanted for myself in my second year at university: a part time job so I’ve got a regular income of wages with the time to write and go about getting published.

Instead of feeling proud and greatful that I have what I wanted, my heart sunk into my stomach and I was instantly in a bad mood.

Whilst I love having the time to write and enjoy myself because I’m not stuck in some 9-5 job, I absolutely detest my part-time job. It’s not even part-time… I work for 2-3 hours of an evening. When I left university I didn’t expect to go into a cleaning job at all but hey, according to an article I read on the BBC news site a few days ago, the number of graduates finding themseves in cleaning jobs, bar work, or other menial positions has doubled in that last five years, so at least I’m not alone.

I think my depression at realising I have the life I wanted wasn’t helped by the fact that I haven’t done much writing lately. I’d jot down ideas but never actually got down to writing them out.

Since then though, I am making the conscious effort to write something everyday. even if I just write a single verse of poetry, at least it is something. And you know what, since putting writing back at the forefront of my life, I don’t feel so crappy about life. That the horrible job is just a blip that will hopefully pass as soon as possible. A job that reflects my degree in English would be great; but in this current economy, a job that isn’t cleaning/working for my sister would be just as good.

I’m gonna stop complaining about typical student/first world problems now and go back to writing things with a bit more substance 🙂

catch ya later


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