It’s an Analog Planet

It’s an analog planet, and we’re all spending more and more time in the virtual world that doesn’t really exist – Joe Walsh; singer/songwriter

I agree with Joe Walsh (whose latest album is called Analog Man) that the first world population is living in the virtual world of social networks and video games; that we’re forgetting about reality in favour of new technologies.

Whilst these advances in technology are genius and have made the world a smaller place(instead of taking months for a letter to cross the world, it can now take seconds with email), these systems are making drones of humans. It is rather astonishing and somewhat annoying the amount of people walking around, eyes glued to their smart phones, not paying attention to the world around them, crossing streets without looking, bumping into others, and even being somewhat anti-social when with a group of friends, not being in the present real-world.

And as much as it annoys me that people are so caught up in having the latest gadget and updating the facebook status every 5 minutes, I don’t think that I would cope if I were to suddenly be transported back in time to an era before electricity had even been invented. The internet itself is fundamental for writer’s to gain access to information and quickly send off pieces… for example, it has just taken me less than an hour to find an online magazine looking for articles, pitch an idea to the editor, and have her reply to me asking how soon I can have it done; it would not be so easy without the internet.

I suppose the internet grants us a certain amount of autonomy as well. We have the freedom to write whatever we want on blogs like this, or on our profiles and share it with the world.

I think people just need to remember that the analog world still exists. Just because we don’t get an analog television signal anymore, it doesn’t mean that the analog world has ceased to exist; technology isn’t everything. The real world should be appreciated a bit more, because there is bound to be a time when a powercut interrupts your virtual existence, and you’ll be sitting there unsure of what to do with yourself, of how to live in an analog reality.

analog and digital need to be balanced

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