Black Eye

A few days ago, I was with the boyfriend, his uncle, aunt, and cousins at his grandparents house. We promptly started our own mini Olympics which consisted of badminton, and archery with some home made bow and arrows. Later, as it was getting dark, the uncle, aunt, and cousins left, and the boyfriend got out his pellet gun. He took a few shots at a target and then asked me if I wanted to have a go. Of course I did.

The gun was rather heavy for my girl arms, but the boyfriend supported it up front, so I started looking through the scope on it, trying to line up to the target. I struggled with this as I could hardly see a thing through the scope and I couldn’t keep the gun still. Eventually, I pulled the trigger, which in turn led me to shouting out “OW!”

I had had my head to close to the scope looking through it. The thing recoiled and whacked me just above the eyebrow, on the inner side of my right eye. Tears did prickle at my eyes but I quickly brushed them away and made out like I was ok, chirpily saying, “let’s go see if I hit it”

An hour later though, having left his grandparents house, and sitting at my own with a cold compress over my eye, I called the boyfriend back to take me to the Accident and Emergency Department. I had taken a look online at the NHS direct website, which has a symptom checker to determine if you do really need to see a doctor. I answered some of the questions on it and it told me to go to A&E, and I wasn’t going to argue with a computer when I was already concerned about my head.

The boyfriend and I then waited around for two hours for some guy then to poke me in the head a few times and stroke my arms. He said, that everything was ok… no visible bleeding, no clear liquid discharging from my ears or nose, my eyes reacted to his little torch, so I could go home. He also gave me a little booklet on minor head injuries, I must have read it a thousand times. It tells me the symptoms of minor head injuries to expect; tiredness, feeling sick (but without vomiting), dizziness and of course a headache. The leaflet also states what to look out for which could be signs of a serious head injury; vomiting, unclear speaking, non-understanding of what others say, loss of memory, clear liquid running out of your facial orifices, and weakness or numbness in one or both arms and legs.

Well the day after the incident and A&E trip, I started to feel numbness in my arms. I was getting rather scared. So this time, my sister and mother took me to a different A&E department where within 20 minutes I had seen a nurse for an initial assessment, where she took my blood pressure, temperature, etc. and had been sent to wait for a doctor in the “sub-waiting area”, yes you have to do more waiting, but at least it is in the inner sanctum of the A&E, it’s much better than being in the outer waiting room.

I then carried on my journey through the obstacle course that is the A&E department. From the sub-waiting area, I went to another assessment room where a doctor tapped and poked at me just like the one had did the night before; I then went to a second sub-waiting area before having my head x-rayed; then back to the first sub-waiting area whilst the results were printed; then back into the assessment room with Doctor for a few final checks; before walking back through the original waitng area to go home. I was in and out in just over two hours; when I went to A&E the first time, it took over two hours just for someone to see me!

The doctor said that the x-ray was good, my head looks perfect (he was concerned I may have fractured my skull at the point of impact), and he said that with no signs of brain damage or damage to bones the numbness I was feeling in my arms was just a symptom of my head being forced back on impact. He didn’t use the term whiplash but that’s what I’m using… It’s a milder form of whiplash that was causing my arms to feel numb, no damage has been done to my pretty little head.

I felt much better leaving the hospital this time, having had my blood pressure done and x-rays. Don’t know why the doctor at the first A&E I went to couldn’t have got them done.

Also on leaving the hospital and turning my mobile back on, I had recieved a text from one of my friends; apparently my sister had “checked-in” on facebook, stating that we were at hospital seeing if I had a brain. It made me feel all warm inside that someone had bothered to text me to see if I was ok, especially when I got home and looked on facebook to see that none of my other friends had bothered to see if I was ok, just a couple of my aunts and a few of my sisters friends.

I’m kind of miffed that I didn’t get more responses, especially from the other family members I have on facebook who would have seen it. I’ve got cousins on facebook, who had babies in their late teens… I congratulated them on not being able to keep their legs shut, I comment on their never-ending display of pictures of the little ray of sunshine, and I don’t even get a concerned comment on a status about me being in hospital. I didn’t even get a congratulations from them when I graduated; what’s that about?

I have very little hope for society if graduating from university isn’t a greater achievement than opening your legs for a few minutes of pleasure.

But hey, at least I know who really cares about me, so now I don’t have to waste my time with the ones who don’t.

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