Thou Shall Not Covet! Thou Shall Not Covet!

You shall not covet your neighbor’s house, you shall not covet your neighbor’s
wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor
any thing that is your neighbor’s.

– Exodus 20:17

The tenth and final commandment of Christianity; you should not crave, desire, hanker or lust for what other people have.

It is a good life rule, I think, even if you are not religiously inclined (I myself am Agnostic). Whilst the first four commandments are to do with the ethics of christian worship, the other six commandments apply to life in general and ask people to have morals. And whilst I think that the existence of a greater power cannot be proved or unproved, I do try to be a person of good moral standing.

However, lately, I have been finding it difficult not to be envious of what other people have, especially when they have what they (and I) want, and I don’t. It is particularly difficult not to be envious and desire what they have when I am working my ass off, doing over-time whenever I can, trying to find a more suitable job, and others just get handed opportunities and objects of desire. I don’t think it’s fair at all!

In my head, I sound like such a spoilt child, but how can you not be envious and covet what others have when they get given what you want??

And why does coveting even have to be a sin? Yes, I am annoyed and rather peed off that certain people seem to have all the luck in getting what they want, but it kind of makes me more determined to get it for myself… to earn it for myself and not just have things handed to me, and surely that’s a good thing??



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3 Responses to Thou Shall Not Covet! Thou Shall Not Covet!

  1. reebit says:

    While I am not Christian but have been raised catholic and went to catholic school, I believe the idea of coveting is considered a sin because it is a “gateway” sin. It leads to jealousy and stealing and adultery, and lack of self control. I hate the negativity of Christianity. Frankly, if you use the coveting as a way to turn something into a positive situation, such as working harder to get a better job, or getting an idea of what you want, it isn’t a bad thing.

    • sophie king says:

      Thanks for commenting Reebit. Glad my idea of turning coveting into a good thing doesn’t offend you.

      Whilst I wouldn’t steal or commit adultery, sometimes I can’t help but feel jealous, especially when, as mentioned above, people just get given things. It doesn’t seem fair, so how can you not feel jealous?!

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