Must Twi-harder

Yesterday, I sighed with massive relief when I realised, that unlike every other girl on the planet, I do NOT like Twilight!! I’m so happy about this.

It has taken me this long to watch the first movie of the Twilight series because I was avoiding it like the plague. Lots of girls are obsessed with it and as soon as anything gets a following, I instantly take a dislike to it (unless, of course, it is absolutely brilliant) I simply detest bandwagons.

However, my sister is moving in to a new house, and whilst the boyfriend was there helping to put up some new doors, my sister just insisted that I should watch her Twilight DVDs. I pulled a face but she declared that she knew I would like them, so I reluctantly took the DVD and a couple of books too.

So, on a lazy saturday afternoon the boy and I watched the first movie from the series. And to be utterly honest, I found it dull.

I struggled to believe that someone could move to a new town and school and fit in straight away like Bella did.

I found Bella and Edward’s first meeting hilarious! One sniff of her and he starts heaving and gagging.

The long pauses in what they were saying was rather annoying. However, it did give us a chance to end the sentences for them.

There was no real development of character. Bella didn’t develop into a new and improved version of herself (apparently she’s just perfect the way she is) and almost instantaneously Bella was declaring that she was unconditonally in love with Edward.

I found it too slow as well. Nothing really seemed to happen; even when the Cullens were going after that other vampire who wants to eat Bella, I found myself a bit bored.

It was annoying when Edward stepped into the sunlight and began to sparkle. You’re supposed to burn you stupid vampire; you suck! (see what I did there)

And at the end of it all, when you see Bella and Edward happy together (before the crap they go through in the following films, I assume) I found myself shouting at the screen, “It won’t last! She sleeps with her Snow White director!”

There were other things I found irritating, or stupid, or just implausible for a vampire film but I’d be here all day if I listed every single thing.

I am glad that my sister was wrong about me liking this film and even happier that I maintain my position on the edge of popular culture… in the slipstream, rather than the mainstream… riding my own horse, rather than on the bandwagon.

I do still wonder, what the big deal about Twilight is though. I can understand, maybe, that vampires are sexy, but have you seen Edward Cullen and his family, most of the time they look constipated! not sexy at all. I don’t think it makes a good chick flick either. I didn’t find myself emotionally invested in the characters; I didn’t really care for them, let alone want them to live happily ever after or let out a sigh when they kissed.

Maybe I’m missing something but to me Twilight is not the big deal that the screaming girls would have you believe it is.

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