Busy Busy Busy

I have been a bit lax with new posts lately, which is because of life getting in the way. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about; stuff just seems to take precedent sometimes, work, chores, family time etc.

I, myself, have been helping out, covering for staff holidays and illness at the nursery where I am cleaner. In a little over a week, I’ve done 44 hours of overtime there, on top off my cleaning in the evenings when everyone else has gone home. It’s definately annoying, when on my lunch break, some of the staff are complaining about wanting to go home, saying “roll on 6 o’clock”… it has been tempting to unleash a verbal attack telling them to shut up, that they don’t know nothing about hard work or good work ethics, that I have to clear up after them; but I keep my mouth shut. I’m not in competition with them to see who works the hardest or longest; I don’t want them to pity me for doing such a menial job when they can go home. I’m just in it for the extra money and a bit of company, because when I’m not doing overtime, I am home, alone, attempting to find a job more suitable for my degree in English.

One of the girls I’m with at the nursery has asked me why I don’t become a teacher; 1 year doing a PGCE course and I’ll be good to go. It is a question I get asked a lot when I tell people that I have my degree in English, and everytime, I’ll pull a face and tell them that I don’t want to be a teacher. Whilst the idea of enriching a young person’s life seems great, the idea of the paperwork that comes with it, unruly chavvy kids, and holidays when everyone else goes on holiday put me off teaching. My heart is just not in it. I chose English as my degree subject because I like the subject, not because I want to teach it. And according to prospects.ac.uk there are numerous other jobs that I can do with this qualification. I just haven’t found any vacancies in these suggested job areas yet.

The ongoing job hunt is kind of getting to me a little bit as well. It’s like, another day, another rejection email. Not very good for the self-esteem at all. I’ll admit that recently I have been feeling worthless and like I don’t belong anywhere. I recently received a rejection from the book store Waterstones telling me that I don’t have suitable skills or experience to work for them. I felt completely deflated. I’m not even good enough to work in a shop! I shed a little tear, but then I got frustrated. I fired off an email back to the recruiting team, telling them again about my time at a charity shop, listing what my job there entailed… till operation, dealing with customer enqueries, sorting and shelving stock, etc… detailing that my degree encompassed literature, language and creative writing, vital cornerstones of any book store. I then asked them to tell me where I am lacking in skills and experience. I typed furiously, finally snapping in the face of rejection, but I assure you that the email was perfectly polite. I am not expecting a reply but I do feel better for having sent it.

I have days where I feel I am nearing new levels of desperation in this search for suitable employment but I do try to remain hopeful. They say that good things come to those who wait; that patience is a virtue; that nothing worth having comes easily. I just need to keep going, keep buggering on as Winston Churchill would say. If anyone has any advice on jobhunting, I would really appreciate it. And if anyone else is in the same boat, I’d like to know that I am not alone.

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