Daytime TV Madness

Just a word of warning… this post does refer to male reproductive organs 🙂

In my ongoing job hunt, I have managed to avoid daytime television really well, spending my days on the internet, actually looking for a job, with one of the news channels or radio stations on in the background. However, with no job commitment, I am an easy target for someone who needs to wait in for a delivery or a repair man. And by someone, I mean my sister. She has moved into a new house and asked me to be there to wait for the delivery of a new cooker.

I went prepared with some things to keep me busy; some writing stuff and a magazine, knowing that her internet connection wasn’t done yet. I put the TV on with it’s limited number of channels and chose ITV’s This Morning. A bi-polar form of television, entertaining, housewifes for many years now.

On the episode I watched, they had a rather serious segment titled “crime file”, talking about incidents that have happened throughout the UK and encouraging anybody who might have information on the cases to call the police. They showed some CCTV of vandalism, bus shelters being smashed, that sort of thing. Then they discussed a few cases of assault and even one of murder.

When this segment had gone on for a perfect 10 minutes, presenters, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby segwayed into the next segment… an interview with the man thought to have the biggest penis in the world. Some guy who was stopped by airport security thinking he had a concealed weapon hiding in his trousers!

My head is still in a spin. How can you go from something so serious and a little bit gruesome in parts, to something that Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda should be discussing over lunch? And all in the switch of a camera angle.

The whole show is a mix of information and utter trash. I guess that’s why it is popular, it appeals to everyone. But I don’t know how to feel anymore! I don’t know if I should be concerned or amused; depressed or blissful; on a diet or baking cookies. They cover just about every aspect of life in two and a half hours, and I am exhausted!

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